School Missions & Values

Federation Vision Statement:

"We ensure that all in St Mary’s and St Vincent’s, strive to live and love as a Christian family, growing ever closer to God and following Gospel values. These values apply to everyone in the school community and they inform the way we act, what we do and how we achieve our high aspirations.”


In our schools we strive to be . . . 

  • LOVING: By our just actions and kind words. We love God and we love each other. 

  • FORGIVING: We are forgiven by God and each other and also forgive. 

  • TOLERANT and RESPECTFUL: Well-rounded individuals who have a positive impact on others, near and far, especially those who are less fortunate. 

  • HONEST – a sense of responsibility and the strength to speak up truthfully 

  • DETERMINED and HARD WORKING: developing lively, enquiring and independent minds and the resilience to embrace the challenges we face. To keep on going towards achieving our full potential 

  • HOPEFUL: For ourselves and the world, changing what we can for the better in order to fulfil God’s plan

These values are displayed in all rooms and around the school.  They are discussed regularly in school assemblies and within the curriculum.  All children receive a 'credit card' sized copy of the values during their time at St. Mary's.  Each half term one of the school values will become a whole school focus and assembly, led by the Headteacher each Monday, will be led by that theme.  

You can read more about our values and reward systems in our Behaviour Policy.