"The curriculum on offer helps many to achieve well."
Osted - 2022

Catholic Life

‘In your Catholic schools there is always a bigger picture, over and above the individual subjects you study, the different skills you learn. All the work you do is placed in the context of growing in friendship with God, and all that flows from that friendship. So you learn not just to be good students, but good citizens, good people…. Always remember that every subject you study is part of a bigger picture ... a good school provides a rounded education for the whole person.’

Pope Benedict XVI 2010


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a Catholic School that delivers a good education through faith. The school has a strong Catholic ethos that disseminates from the Governing Body, through all staff members, to our children. Everything that we do is informed by Gospel values and we teach and uphold the Catholic virtues of Love, Forgiveness, Respect, Honesty, Love of Learning and Hope. These are evident in the relationships within the school, between the home, school and parish and between the school and the wider community. 

Our Vision and Mission statement are distinctive to the school and are central to the spiritual and moral education of our community. St Mary’s creates an environment that aligns with its vision statement by fostering a strong Catholic identity, promoting love and unity, nurturing spiritual growth, integrating the virtues into actions, and striving for excellence in all aspects of education and personal development. We prioritise the holistic development of all our children, encompassing their academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth. We strive to prepare them for their roles as responsible citizens, making valuable contributions to society.

We recognise that every child is unique and created in the likeness and image of God. Children have regular opportunities to encounter God and deepen their relationship with Him. This is achieved through formal and informal prayer, Religious Education lessons and worship.

RE is valued and treated as a core subject by leaders, governors, staff and children and we ensure that the Bishop's directive is followed in allocating 10% of curriculum time to RE

 “Growing in faith: Loving and Learning together with Jesus”.