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Osted - 2022

Online Safety

ICT in the 21st century is fast-paced and constantly evolving.  It is virtually impossible to avoid using technology these days; this is the same for our children.  They are growing up in a different world and things that we are naturally cautious of, may seem perfectly normal to them.

We must all make efforts to teach them about how to live their online lives safely.  We can do this by being aware of what they are doing and which sites they are visiting when they are using devices, and by talking to them about possible dangers they may come across.  We have talked to the children at school about internet safety, but this must be followed up at home.  

The NSPCC have created a very useful guide about staying safe online and about various apps and games that the children might be using.  We have included some direct links below to some of the most popular, and a link to the NSPCC site with a lot more information beyond. 

Please do take a look, it's so important for them to be safe now, and for it to become habit for life.