Miss Crawford is our Teacher

Miss Cox, Mrs Peacham and Mrs Young are our support staff


Talent Show Auditions (June 2017)

Reception Class really enjoyed auditioning for the school talent show. They showed off a variety of talents; football, singing, dancing, reading, acting and counting. Well done Reception Class, such a talented group of children! 



Trip to Whipsnade Zoo (May 2017)

Reception Class really enjoyed looking at all of the animals at Whipsnade Zoo. We particularly liked looking at the cheeky apes, the waddling penguins, and the fierce lions! We were very sleepy after such a busy day.


Space Week - (Feb 2017)
On Monday Reception Class came into school to find that there had been an alien crash landing on the playground! If that wasn't bad enough we discovered that the aliens had taken Miss Crawford's underpants! We sprung into action and looked for clues. 
The first clues we found were big footprints. Miss Crawford told us that we needed to rule ourselves out as suspects so we needed to measure our own footprint and check that it wasn't the same length as the footprint on the playground. We worked together to draw around one another's feet and then measured how long they were, using cubes. After this, we went outside and we measured the footprint on the playground, it was 53 cubes long, our feet definitely weren't that big. We were no longer suspects. 
After lunch we needed to talk to an eye witness, Mrs Long, she had seen something strange when she left school on Friday evening. We wrote questions for Mrs Long. She told us that she had seen something falling from the sky, it was gold and silver and it looked just like fireworks, she said it was beautiful. This was all that Mrs Long had seen.
On Tuesday we arrived into school to find a letter from an alien called Zog, he said that he had taken Miss Crawford's underpants! He told us that he would return the underpants if we wrote a sentence about ourselves and we built a new space ship for himself and his friend Zig. We agreed to these missions. We all wrote a sentence about ourselves in phonics, and after this we built spaceships using magnets, lego and cardboard boxes. 
At the end of the week Zog returned Miss Crawford's underpants, we were successful in our missions. Zog and his friend Zig went back to their home planet, we wonder if they will return again? They were cheeky aliens but we did have a fun week!



Tom & Jerry have joined Reception!  (Jan 2017)

Reception Class loved meeting their new friends Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry are gerbils; they are very lively and they love eating sunflower seeds!  We are learning how to take care of Tom and Jerry; we know that we should be very quiet around them and we should be incredibly gentle with them.  We are so lucky to have such interesting class pets.



Problem Solving Workshop (Nov 2016)

Reception class took part in a problem solving workshop. We really enjoyed working as a team and completing lots of challenging puzzles.





Magical Toy Day (October 2016)

Reception Class loved Magical Toy Day, all the children looked great! We had so much fun playing dancing games together with the Pre-School and Nursery Class. Well done to Niamh and Leo for winning the prize for the most imaginative costume.